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Your one-stop-shop for building PEMB or steel structure buildings in West Michigan.

pemb construction
warehouse or distribution center new construction

Are you in need of more space and looking for a contractor to build a new building or addition?

We can help with Design Build if needed, or work from your Architect’s drawings; either way we will build you exactly what you are looking for.

CBK Construction is a one-stop shop for building PEMB or Steel Structure buildings. Most contractors need to hire a sub-contractor to erect the steel frame, siding, roof, electrical, and interior/exterior components of the Facility. At CBK, our skilled team can self-perform 75% of all these services to ensure that your project remains on time, on budget, and of the highest quality.

Why worry about the company that you hire, not actually doing the work? When you hire CBK, you can rest assured that the crew that is erecting the steel frame, and installing the siding, roof, electrical, and interior/exterior components for the facility are CBK employees. We take more pride in the job, as it is our company name and reputation that is on the line for every building that we do. That’s why we give a 3-year warranty on all workmanship with all our buildings.  Because of that, you won’t have any worries about getting anything but the best job you can hope for. When CBK builds your Warehouse, Distribution, or Manufacturing building it will be exactly what you expect.  

When CBK builds a Warehouse, Distribution Center or Manufacturing Facility, we believe that the customer will be our biggest advertiser based on their satisfaction with the job that we did for them!!

We hope to make you one of our next satisfied customers. Let’s talk about your next project!


You deserve solutions, not excuses.

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