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Quality steel-framed buildings make the best agricultural buildings, personal use, small manufacturing, and warehouse buildings.

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Don't Put Wood in Dirt

In agriculture whether on the ranch or the farm your #1 priority is protecting your livestock, materials and agricultural equipment. Metal storage buildings are an economical and safe investment that will last 10 times longer than wood construction. Steel agricultural structures can be used for horse barns, arenas and feedlots, equipment and storage barns, dairy and calving barns, and the list goes on.

CBK has extensive knowledge of many different types of steel agricultural buildings, and solutions that match your specific requirements. 

Unlike other building materials, building with steel ensures durability for many years to come. 

The Benefits of Steel

Designed to resist elements while protecting your investment, steel framed buildings are durable, practical, and versatile. Your customized building can be utilized for many purposes, with design options including clear span frames, high eaves, and expandable endwalls.

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At CBK, our skilled team can self-perform 75% of the project to ensure that your project remains on time, on budget, and of the highest quality.

Designed for Your Needs

Each building can be individually designed and engineered to meet your exact requirements as well as local building codes. 

  • Column-free interiors can provide uninterrupted floor space. 
  • High ceilings help promote proper ventilation. 
  • Cupolas and dormers open the facility up to more natural light and help create a stylish design. 
  • Lofts can be added for additional storage space. 
  • Floors can be dirt, gravel, asphalt, concrete, brick, rubber brick or mats. 
  • Special drainage requirements can be met. 
  • Large, clear-span interiors provide floor space that can include cubicles or stalls with brisket board and neck rails. 
  • Recessed spaces in the aisles for water faucets, an easy to clean wall finish, maximum roof lighting, and the inclusion of a high pressure wash down system are all features that our buildings can easily accommodate.

You deserve solutions, not excuses.

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